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Meet Sherlock Bones and trusty sleuth Sir Whetson, the newest members of the Owl Brand family!

Help solve the mystery of the mouse that went missing. Can you help Sherlock by assembling the clues in time?

Discover a world of fun and learn about the diet and habits of barn owl and the anatomy of their prey. This Sherlock Bones Science Mystery features an owl pellet that reveals all of the clues as the student explores one bone at a time and reassembles the clues.

Play online. Download the app. Win prizes.

Because learning should be fun!


Brought to you by Owl Brand Discovery Kits!

Owl Brand Discovery Kits has been delivering fun, quality, and affordable science since 1996. Sherlock Bones is the first in a series of engaging games that will serve to introduce young people to biology through an interactive and memorable experience.

Learn more about Owl Brand Discovery Kits by clicking on the logo, where you’ll find a variety of online resources ranging from publications, films, videos, and more! 

We make science fun.



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